From Proto-Italic *fēs-tos, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰeh₁s-tos, from *dʰéh₁s (“god, godhead, deity; sacred place”). Of or pertaining to holidays; festive, festal, joyful, merry.

FESTUS is an annual happening and one of the most significant in our programme - a series of collaborative projects between MA RCA SCULPTURE and a host of external partners: galleries, museums, councils, communities where students have an opportunity to meet and work with curators, artists, activists, archivists, makers to learn skills, make connections, make, work, think and present their ideas in all their forms to each other, to invited guests and to new publics. It may involve learning to throw clay, or make a speech, read out love letters in the Tate archives or workout for peak fitness - exhibit in a London museum or gallery, make a public monument or work for the cloud. On this site we are gathering our forces and the dynamic range of approaches students and staff bring to sculpture in the 21st century and the partnerships and networks we make. Students work intensively with a range of galleries, museums, public arts trusts and cultural organisations to develop new ways of working, thinking and making together. Festus has established ongoing partnerships with Wandsworth Council, Battersea Parks, Standpoint gallery, The National Trust, Art Lacuna, The Old Operating Theatre, Merz Barn, Freud Museum, Flat Time House, South London Gallery and Fillet.